Wet Metal Manufacturers & Suppliers of Beauty Care Instruments, Manicure Set, Barber Scissors, Cuticle Nippers & Scissors

Wet Metal Embtoidery Scissors Wet Metal Tweezers and blach head removers Wet Metal Eye Lash Curlers and tweezers Manicure Pedicure Wet Metal Barber Shears

Manufacturers and suppliers of hand finished manicure pedicure implements.
Wet Metal tools are used by the professional beautician, manicurist, pedicurist and cosmetologist around the world.

These implements are produced in Pakistan.

WET METAL hand-finished implements are precision made using the most exact manufacturing methods and the high grade stainless steel tempered for strength and durability. Their quality allows them to be autoclaved repetitively without any risk of corrosion or discolouration.

WET METAL instruments are suitable for both the professional beauty market as well as the mass personal care market.

High quality, modern and classic designs, competitive prices - all this makes WET METAL the leader in its field.